Friday, April 20

Just a "Spool" full of sugar??

Forgive me ,titles a little dorky but I still have a little Disney still in my head and visions of Mary Poppins singingMy hubby found a cool old wire spool at GW and remembered that I showed him a picture found on Pinterest that inspired me.

Pic via Pinterest

Enter... the new old spool...Sorry, forgot to take the before pic, but picture old spool with a bad stain job on it!  With summer coming up that I wanted a beachy feel with this sweet girl.  In comes Annie Sloan in Old White, one of my favs! Once painted, called in my handsome assistant Dr.Zak to help with the dowel placement.  I decided that I didn't want as many dowels as the pic showed so if someone wanted to display something other than books, they could.  He started with a paddle drill bit in the bottom of the spool.

Once drilled, he placed the dowel through the hole, made sure it was straight with a level and marked where he needed to drill for proper placement.  Using the paddle drill, drilled only half way so that it did not come through the top.  Finally securing the dowel so it doesn't fall out of the bottom with a screw.

I attached three-3in heavy duty casters to add a little height and to add ease in moving her around.  Construction is finished...thanks to handsome assistant! He will be thanked with a Leinenkugels later.....Summer Shandy, YUM!

Really wasn't feeling the all white look so I decided to add a couple of stripes in duck egg blue, gave her one more heavy distress job and here she is....


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