Saturday, August 4

Looks like a million bucks!

My client, Mary, sent me an inspiration photo...

Photo from Pinterest
Pretty, right? She wanted a buffet that drawers and possibly doors for extra storage.  I found this piece of potential at Goodwill, had surface issues but great bones! Done....

Patched the hole in the top, pulled off the veneer that could not be salvaged and sanded  the wood underneath the veneer to ensure it was nice and smooth.  Mary wanted it painted in Pacer White by Sherwin Williams with a gloss finish.  Here's what she looks like after phase 1.

Back to the inspiration piece...Needed to bring in the mirror aspect from the picture.  I took the doors to the local glass company and had them cut and apply the mirrors.  I went to pick up the mirrors and realized they glued one crooked {who doesn't notice that}!  Glad it wasn't me breaking that mirror, I don't need seven years bad luck!  Couple days later, picked up the door and we were back in business.  Here's phase 2.

Still not the inspiration photo...So, I remembered I had grills laying around from a secretary that I did last year. NEVER throw these little goodies away, you'll never know when you can re-purpose them!!! Sorry, bad pic.

So, I cut them to size {just use a VERY sharp razor to cut butter}, painted them {be sure to paint BOTH sides as the mirror will reflect up what is down} and glued them down.  I used a CLEAR silicone adhesive to secure the grills.  I let them sit for 16hrs with 10 spray paint cans on each grill for the weight.  After they were dried, I wasn't happy how the mirror edges looked so I had an idea.  I wanted to apply paintable caulk around the edges to give it a more polished look.  I'm the worst caulker EVER and  if I was brave enough, I would show you my bathtub...UGH! I discovered a great tip.  I used painters tape and lined the edges of the door and around the mirror itself, ensuring to tightly go over the edges of the grill as well.  Sorry, no pic!  Once the caulk was applied, I took a wet finger to smooth out the lines, pulled up the tape, NO caulk mess and great lines.  I lightly sanded the caulk and painted it to match the set of the piece.  Well, here is the finished product...stunning if you ask me! Enjoy Mary!


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