Sunday, July 29

I'm melting...

You know you said "I'm melting" in the Wicked Witch of West voice. Seriously, this heat is for the birds, and you know it when you live in Wisconsin and your average high is beating Miami's. So, with that being said, put a fork in me because I'm officially done with this summer.  I decided (as all good former retailers know) to move a season ahead. Enter Fall...

I had an idea that I wanted to do for my last show in June but ran out of time, so I decided to bust it out for the next show in a couple weeks.  It was so easy to do and the results were so stinking cute that I wanted to share.  Enter in old wooden tool carrier...

I started out by painting this lovely piece of potential in ASCP Old White.  After she dried, on my Silhouette I choose a font and printed up "Fresh Flowers". FYI, if you're going to use vinyl for a quick application like this, buy cheap ole contact paper, the thicker vinyl can be expensive.

Next, I painted over everything in ASCP Emperors Silk, love this color. Once dried, I removed the letters and boy did it scream Christmas and that's a whole another mind set. NOT READY for that.  I wanted a more worn, vintage feel so I distressed the blazes out of it with 150 grit piece of sandpaper. The more, the better. I wanted to see wood coming through on my letters.  To give it even an older, dirtier feel, I pulled out my Ralph Lauren glaze in Tobacco and slathered it all over the piece. WARNING: ASCP is matte, so it will suck this stuff in fast, be prepared with a wet cloth!! I did multiple layers, to get that old feel.

Here's the finished product...stinking cute, right? Fast, easy and a great way to welcome Fall!

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